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Chillin' in the pound

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Nightly lists of Neopets stuck in the pound
While searching through the pets stuck in the Neopets pound every night I keep finding things I don't want. Maybe you want them?

Every day or every second day (depending on when things get stuck) I'll post a list of:

- Painted pets
- LE pets
- Equipped petpets
- RW names
- Decent names
- Stats

(Note: these posts will be member locked for now)


- This is not Neopets, this is LJ. Nothing adult or explicit in this comm please, but LJ is r13. Expect a little swearing.

- You don't have to be me to post, if you find something while pound surfing you think someone might like go ahead. Don't have to member lock it if you don't want to.

- If you adopt a pet posted here please comment. This helps everyone keep track of what's gone and what's still available.

- Don't ask me how I find anything/ to find you anything.

- No complaining if I don't find anything you like, I don't control what gets stuck. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I find UC's. Not my fault.

- Don't be a dick or I'll ban you.

FAQ through here.