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07 July 2016 @ 02:20 pm
If this is the only post you can see right now you'll need to join to see the pound list. 

This is the FAQ.

Last updated 14/2

- How do you find these? Tell me!

- Black magic.

- How do pets get stuck?

- I actually have no idea. It seems like the pound is so full there's not always room, so some get sort of pushed to the back and don't show up in the adopt page. Some of them are probably from pound_release.

- Can you find me a *pet name*?

- Not how it works, sorry.

- There's a pet I want in the pound but it won't let me adopt it! Help!

- Is the pet painted, leveled or limited edition? If so you'll need an account over 3 months old to adopt.

- Your pets are awesome, did you get them in the pound? Can I have them?

- No, no. :)